YourFriday Virtual Assistants

will convert your leads to appointments, close your transactions, and help build your real estate empire.






YourFriday Virtual Assistants are trained in:

…and just about any real state platform you can think of.

By the way, we’re just $8 an hour

This means having your leads handled, once and for all.Whether we’re making cold calls to schedule listing appointments, handling your SMS text responses, or even screening incoming leads, no lead in your system should go untouched.

We’ll get you to the 7-10 touches it takes to turn motivated sellers into actual listings – and YourFriday Virtual Assistants can do so much more.

If you don’t already have someone boosting your social media, marketing your properties online, and taking mundane tasks off your plate, then the time to start is now.

Start using YourFriday Virtual Assistants and start reclaiming what’s yours – Your Time.

This is YourFriday!

See Your Business Take Off.

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