YourFriday’s mission is to offer Realtors as many ways to help focus on what they do best, while we do the rest. If it doesn’t have to be done with your personal touch, then let’s get it off your plate! Below, we’ll introduce our core team that makes this all possible!



VP of National Sales & Business Development

Role: Aside from driving sales & marketing initiatives for our team, Dan oversees back-end processes and is constantly working to move us forward in a way that sets us apart, while simplifying and enhancing the customer experience.

Hobbies: When he isn’t making us all jealous with pictures of of Thailand’s most beautiful beaches, Dan also loves guitar & songwriting, making his friends laugh, and drinking iced-coffee. Last, but not least: picking on Rollie, our virtual assistant manager!

“Reject the tyranny of picked. Pick yourself.” – Seth Godin


Head of Sales

Role: Jeff is the sparkling personality you’ll likely speak with when you first set up a call with YourFriday. Jeff thinks beyond the sales role, into the customer experience. He views each new customer as a long-term relationship, and this is exactly why he’s cultivated so many long-term relationships for YourFriday. Jeff loves playing guitar spending time with his son, getting artsy tattoos, and literally thrives on helping others. He’s also generally open to more male modeling gigs .As long as YourFriday gets a cut of the action, we’re ok with it!

Hobbies:  Jeff loves playing guitar, spending time with his son, being there for his friends, and taking pictures of sunsets.


Virtual Assistant Manager

Role: Rollie has been the heart of our VA practices since inception. He assembles & oversees our team of virtual assistants, always seeking to step up what we do for a more seamless experience. He works tirelessly to help in every way, makes himself available, with a level-headed temperament that’s just one of many things that make him a fantastic leader. Just don’t take away his vape-pen, and you’ll stay on his good side forever!